FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does spunje work?

Simple: Download the app on the Apple Store or on Google Play, Sign up and create a profile, Enjoy all of the convenience of Spunje.

Why spunje?

Convenience: order your car wash on your mobile device

Save time: don’t waste your time driving to or waiting at the car wash

Save the environment: all of the washes provided through Spunje are designed to save water.

Is spunje available in my area?

Currently we are available in parts of Los Angeles, but we are expanding fast. Get on our email list to get special promotions and announcements and be the first to know when we are available in your city.

How can so much water be saved with spunje?

A typical car wash uses lots of water to first wet your car, then pours detergents to clean off the dirt, and then lots of water again to wash off and rinse. While this might be efficient and convenient since it allows car washes to clean more cars faster, it is terribly bad for the environment. Our washers use eco-friendly detergents to spray your car in small portions and then use special microfiber cloths to wipe the dirt off your car. The result is an ultra-clean surface area with special attention to every part of the car and no use of water.

How do I pay for my car wash?

Save your credit card information on our app once and the rest is easy. Your payment information is securely stored and is used to pay for the services as well as tips.

Do I have to tip the washer?

You are welcome to tip if you are satisfied with your wash! But tipping is at your sole discretion.

Can I request multiple car washes at the same time?

Yes, the app give you the ability to order multiple washes at the same time. In fact, there are special discounts applied if you order multiple washes.

Is there an extra charge for larger vehicles?

Yes, due to the fact that larger vehicles take more time and effort to wash, there is an extra charge determined by the type of wash requested.

Can I cancel my wash after my order has been placed?

Yes, if you are canceling a wash that was scheduled in advance, you can cancel you wash up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled time with no extra charge. Otherwise there is a $5 cancelation fee applied. If you are canceling an on-demand wash, you have 5 minutes after the order is confirmed to cancel your wash. Otherwise, there is a $5 cancelation fee applied.

Do I need to provide any equipment for the wash?

No, our service providers come fully prepred.

Can I pay with cash?

No, all payments, including tips, are processed through our secure payment gateway partner. No cash accepted.

Who comes to wash my car?

Our service providers are background checked, interviewed, and trained. We go through a rigorous process to enroll only qualified washers. You can rest assured that only a qualified service provider will be cleaning your car.

Are you insured?

Yes, our general liability insurance coverage insures us against unforeseen incidents.

Do I need to give my keys to service providers?

No, our service providers cannot move your car or accept your keys. We ask that you to kindly remove all valuables from your vehicle and unlock your car upon service provider’s arrival.

Do I need to be present when my car is being washed?

You do not. When you build your profile through the app, you will input all of your vehicle information including make, model, color, license plate or VIN number. This way our washers can easily identify your vehicle and begin the washing process. You do have to ensure that your vehicle is unlocked if you are requesting an interior wash. For your own vehicle safety, we recommend only unlocking your car after our washers have arrived at the scene.

Where can you wash my car?

Our service providers only wash vehicles that are parked in secure and safe areas. We do not allow washes to be performed if the vehicle is parked on streets or if they are in restricted areas (i.e. office buildings with restricted access, retails shopping centers, malls, etc.). Ideal places are at home driveways, and authorized industrial areas.

How do I contact spunje?

Please visit our support page. Send us your questions and a representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do I get a referral for referring friends and family to use spunje?

Absolutely. Share your unique code found in your profile and not only will you get XX credit applied to your account, but your friend or family will also enjoy a XXX credit.

Do I earn points for using spunje?

Yes. Each wash earns you about 45 points (about the same amount of gallons saved via spunje). You can track these in your app and utilize them later for credits or free washes.

Can I refer a family or friend that would like to join spunje as a service provider?

Yes. In fact, for every service provider you refer, you get 5 standard Royal or Executive washes for FREE. That’s a $150 value! Please note, washers have to become spunje approved and complete at least 50 washes before the credits are applied.

How does spunje deliver consistency in the quality of their washes?

Our service providers are not only trained and well equipped but they are incented to deliver the best quality on every single wash. They are required to maintain a 4.5 or better average rating to be in good standings with spunje and we monitor customer feedback very closely to ensure consistency.

Can I request the same service provider for my next wash?

Yes, you can. You can add washers to your favorites list and doing so allows that washer to always be the first washer of choice when you schedule or request your wash in advance.

Can you wash my car at my condo or apartment building?

Yes. Our Royal, Executive and VIP packages are strictly eco-friendly which means they do not require heavy equipment or the use of water. Please indicate any directions required under “special instructions” upon placing your order to make this a smoother process. We do not offer our Presidential package inside condos/apartment building at this time.

What cleaning products does spunje use for their washes?

Our service providers are required to use spunje approved products. We approve these products based on their quality and eco-friendliness, and bio-degradability.

What if I am not satisfied with my wash?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your wash, please contact our support team here and we will make every attempt to resolve the issue until you are fully satisfied.

How do I contact spunje?

You may contact us by visiting our support page to get in touch with us.